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Rails-to-Trails – Cycling the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway – Cycling CME



We cycled the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway and the Battle Road Trail from Concord to Lexington this past month.  It was a beautiful ride on a gorgeous day.  The Battle Road Trail follows the original remnants of the historic battle that launched the American Revolution.  It was interesting to be riding down the same road as traveled by the Colonists and British Regulars in April of 1775.


The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway is one of the most successful and popular rail-trails in the United States.  The trail runs from Bedford Mass to Cambridge Mass and then connects to other parts of Boston’s bike system.  The Rails-to-Trails conservancy began in the mid-1960’s – converting abandoned rail corridors into public trails.  There are now over 21,000 miles of rail-trails that serve over tens of millions of people each year in the US.  These add value to our world in many ways:  protect our environment, connect our communities, make them more livable, and increase our mobility.  Check out  In our hometown, Grand Junction, we have seen how trails spur the economy, which has been demonstrated across our country by the Rail-Trail system.


In addition, trails can create and promote safe and attractive areas to exercise.  Several studies have shown the increase in exercise and activity when safe and accessible trails are built in our communities.  This is what Terri and I witnessed this past month: a multitude of people out on these paths, walking, cycling, roller-blading, all enjoying the day.


Remember, Exercise is Medicine.


July 12, 2015            


Cycling CME


Dr. Michael Reeder