Cycling CME

A unique CME learning experience for Physicians, PA-C's, and other Medical Providers who love to bike

Active CME:  Combining Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Bicycle Touring for the Healthcare Provider

Everybody Walk!

Here at Cycling CME, we obviously love cycling.  However, we believe in the overall importance of exercise in general – just moving.  As an example, both personally and professionally we believe in the importance of walking. Living in Western Colorado, and near the Colorado National Monument, there are many great hikes and walks close to home. Almost every day, even if we have been on our bikes, we get a walk in - no matter the weather.

Exercise or increasing activity is essential to our personal health and extremely important to our health care system. Exercise is medicine, whether your choice is walking, biking, gardening, or many other forms of activity. As we know from multiple medical studies, exercise is an essential component of treatment in  many chronic medical problems.

Everyone interested in health, exercise, and walking should check out the website. The site has great educational tools on promoting walking. Our friend and colleague, Dr. Bob Sallis, who is their physician spokesman, walks and speaks all over the world promoting the importance of exercise, specifically walking, as medicine. We were privileged to have Dr. Sallis speak at our 2016 Road Bike Western Colorado  Cycling CME  conference, where his lecture was well-received. 

Check out Dr. Sallis' hike on the Colorado National Monument with