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Spring is in the air…and we are taking full advantage of the great weather we’ve been having here in Western Colorado! Time to hit the road.

With cycling on our minds, we at Cycling CME want to take a moment to recognize the importance of bike safety. To help highlight these sentiments we want to share an interesting article with you. Jenny Holt, a freelance writer for a small LED company, sent this our way and we thought it worthy to pass on. Enjoy the read.


A Little Bulb Designing the Future of Cyclist Safety

Since the 1990s, the number of cyclists on our roads has increased significantly, yet at the same time, the number of cyclist fatalities and injuries has not risen by the same amount. Though there are strong and good campaigns to ensure drivers remain aware of cyclists, and indeed for cyclists to behave themselves too, it is technology which has helped the most.

The key driver, in addition to better-built bikes and robust helmets, has been visibility. In the past, this meant a large incandescent bulb which drained batteries of power and often stopped working merely because the cyclist hit a bump. However, the humble LED has changed that by making lights more affordable, brighter, more stable, and more flexible.

And it is not ending there; people the world over are trying to develop new ways to use LEDs to improve cyclist safety. These include:

  • LED display coats which make cyclists even more visible in the dark, so drivers no longer just see a single light, but see more of an outline of the cyclist.

  • Self-illuminating LED cycle paths, which instead of using overhead lights are embedded in the paths themselves.

  • Projection lights which cast an image of a bike 5-10 meters ahead of the bike, so cars see the projection and know a cyclist is in their blind spot.

This last one could save many lives as drivers turning right as a cyclist goes straight is one of the largest causes of accidents. Take a look at the full article on how LEDs are helping to make cyclists safer.

Jenny Holt