Cycling CME

A unique CME learning experience for Physicians, PA-C's, and other Medical Providers who love to bike

Active CME:  Combining Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Bicycle Touring for the Healthcare Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Why combine bike touring and CME?

We believe in the importance of outdoor exercise to our health. Combining that aspect of staying active, while obtaining our required CME credits, is our goal.

Who should attend a Cycling CME Conference?

Our conferences will be of interest to all physicians  and other medical providers interested in topics related to exercise and nutrition and chronic disease and common complaints/injuries in the active patient.  These CME conferences will include areas of interest in Primary Care, Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, General Medicine and many other areas of specialty medical care.

Should I buy trip insurance?

Yes.  Since our Cycling CME conferences are non-refundable, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance. We realize unplanned life issues come up, which makes changing plans a must, therefore travel insurance is in your own best interest. 

Why are Cycling CME Conferences non-refundable?

Due to the unique nature and small group setting of our conferences, along with our contractual obligations, there will be no refunds. Therefore, we strongly suggest you obtain travel insurance, which is available from various sources.  Please do not ask for an exception. Thank you for understanding.  

What is the group size of the CME conferences?

We tailor our conferences to be small in size, with a goal of 12-16 participants, to better foster an informal, enjoyable, interactive, "hands-on" learning environment.

How many people will participate in the bike rides?

This number could double in size, since our conference participants may each be bringing a riding partner to the Cycling CME conference.  Plus, we will have several ride leaders as well.

What are the Cycling CME Conference locations?

In 2019 we have 3 conferences planned: one in Tuscany, Italy, one in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and one in Grand Junction, Colorado

Is the conference cheaper if I bring my own bike?

No. The cost of bike shipping or bike rental is at the expense of the conference participant; therefore it does not change the overall cost of the conference. Know that road bike rentals may be limited, but if you choose to look into it we will put you in touch with local bike shops. We suggest you bring your own bike, as we feel you'll be more comfortable in your own saddle. Adventure Cycling Association has excellent information on transporting your bike, which includes information on a company called Bike Flights as well as flying with your bike as luggage. If you are joining our mountain bike conferences in western Colorado, we have excellent mountain bike rentals - perhaps try out a new bike. We offer bike rentals, through Fabio Tours, for our Italy Conference; though you may choose to bring your own.

Will we all need to ride the same distance and pace? 

Not at all.  While we will all head the same direction, each rider will be able to find others with similar interest and energy. There will be opportunities for those who want to shorten the route, or avoid certain hills and descents– the support vehicle will always be available for our road bike tour and opportunities to shorten our trail rides will be available for the mountain bike tour.

What about leaders and support vehicles?

Each tour will have three or more ride leaders, as well as support staff. The support vehicle (SAG wagon) will contain bike maintenance equipment needed for basic roadside or trailhead assistance.  extra water to re-fill your water bottles or camelbacks, and energy bars. The SAG will also carry anything you want to bring but can't keep on your bike, along with any purchases you might make at our stops.

What about inclement weather?

Obviously, we can’t control the weather but we will do our best to ride during the best time of the day, making adjustments when possible. There will be opportunities for fun and cultural experiences if the weather dampens our day.

What is NOT included in Trip Fee?

For our Colorado trip you are responsible for airfare, car rental, hotel accommodations (we have a room block with discounted rate), parking fee at hotel (if you bring or rent  a car), bike rental, shipping fee if bringing your own bike, 2 dinners (Mountain Biking Tour).

For our Pennsylvania trip you are responsible for airfare, car rental, hotel accommodations (we have a room block with discounted rate), bike rental, shipping fee if bringing your own bike, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.

For our Italy trip you are responsible for your airfare to Europe and your arrival at the main train station in Florence. You are also responsible for your bike rental fee. Remember that your CME credit hours are not included in the overall Italy trip cost (which you register and pay for on Fabio Tours website). The CME cost is to be paid separately through Cycling CME.

How do I get from the airport to the conference site?

If you attend our conference in Italy, it is your responsibility to get from the airport you fly into to the main train station in Florence. From there we will shuttle you to our Tuscan villa. If training into Cortona, let us know and we will work on making accommodations to pick you up there.

If you attend our Pennsylvania conference, you can fly into Philadelphia or Harrisburg, rent a car and drive to our conference location in Lancaster County.

If you attend our Colorado conference, Grand Junction Regional Airport has free shuttle service to SpringHill Suites where our Mountain Bike Conference is held. If you need, give SpringHill a call when your plane lands and they will come pick you up. If you are not staying at SpringHill, you will need to call a taxi service.

Should I bring cash?

If traveling to our conference in Italy, you may want to consider having Euros on hand upon arrival.

We will be near ATM’s during our Pennsylvania conference.

There is an ATM handy near our Colorado conference location on Main Street.