Cycling CME

A unique CME learning experience for Physicians, PA-C's, and other Medical Providers who love to bike

Active CME:  Combining Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Bicycle Touring for the Healthcare Provider

Engaging CME...Exciting Biking... Breathtaking Scenery...Great Food...Relaxing Accommodations...Attentive Support Staff and Group Leaders...And So Much More... 



We provide engaging, interactive CME that is useful both for your personal health as well as your patient's. We regularly review the literature and needs assessments as well as seek input from our participants as we develop our curriculum. Our groups are small, with our goal being 10-12 conference participants, lending itself to an interactive and “hands-on” environment.


Get ready for some great biking!

Each morning you will receive the pre-ride review of the day; this information will include maps, directions, and other helpful tips for that day's ride. Our bike wheels will roll over climbs & descents, flats, bike paths, open roads, and single-track (depending on which conference you attend). And since not everyone will have the same interest in hills, distance, or time in the saddle, we offer flexibility in the mileage you choose to cover each day. We also realize that fitness levels within our group will vary, therefore individual pace will vary. And that's okay! We want everyone to enjoy the rides. Your pace. Your distance. We support with our SAG wagon.

Support Vehicles

A SAG (Support And Gear) wagon will provide support for mechanical problems as well as being there if you just have had enough for the day. If there is a major mechanical problem, we will transport your bike to a bike shop for immediate attention. Your hosts and the drivers will be a cell phone call away if you have a question or need. Our support vehicle will be stocked with cold water and healthy snacks for the ride.

Your Ride Guides

In addition to your hosts, Mike and Terri Reeder, other local riders will join us as ride leaders. We hand-pick these avid cyclists and mountain bikers for their knowledge of the routes, enthusiasm for biking, great advice, and good conversation!

While in Tuscany, at our Road Bike Italy Conference, your ride host will include Fabio Flagiello and other local ride leaders.

Bringing Your Bike

We recommend that you bring your own bike. The comfort of a bike specifically fitted to you is important, especially during a multi-day tour. There are many options for bringing your own bike. Adventure Cycling Association has excellent information on transporting your bike, including flying with your bike as luggage. You may also want to check out Bike Flights. If you want to look into the option of renting a bike, know that rentals in Grand Junction are minimal.

We recommend that your bike undergo a tune-up prior to our trip. Our bike rides will be on paved roads or bike paths, therefore we recommend a road bike or touring bike, though cross-bikes would work as well. Our trips advocate that we ride with others for safety and support. Though the SAG wagon will be a cell phone call away, we should all carry basic tools and be able to fix a flat if needed. It is prudent to always be prepared.

Mountain Bikers:  Grand Junction and Fruita have some of the best mountain biking anywhere.  There are many opportunities for mountain bike rentals - try out a new bike!


We are serious about our food. We have a passion for good food and hope to pass that on to you during this trip. We will strive to make our meals as fresh as possible, with much of it being locally sourced. Some of our meals will be enjoyed together, but you will also have the opportunity to dine on your own. But know that we will give you our restaurant recommendations.   


Our accommodations will vary depending on our tour location. Yet, no matter where we lay our heads at night, we strive to find great places to unwind and recharge, while providing an atmosphere conducive to enjoying the company of others. Our aim is an environment that encourages rest and renewal from our daily lives. We will find places that provide comfort, quality, location and bike friendly atmosphere.


"Your Brain Learns While Your Legs Burn"